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    "I-I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now."
    "I’m not sure you get a vote."

    Daniel Radcliffe by Dale May - Mental Floss magazine

    A long summer always meant a long winter to come.
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    “When I was much younger, I was often asked in what ways I thought I was similar to Ron. My stock answer usually included something similar to: ‘I like sweets, I’m scared of spiders, I’ve got ginger hair, I come from a big family.’ But, the truth is that Ron is my hero. He’s always there for his friends—sometimes belligerently, but there nevertheless. And no matter how scared he may be, he will put aside his fears to support and protect the people he loves. To me, that represents true courage.”

          — Rupert Grint, Foreword, Harry Potter: Film Wizardry

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    Listen… This is just a dream. But very clever people can hear dreams, so please, just listen. I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anyone ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. 

    And one day you’re going to come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind.

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